11 мая 2017

Певица Арцвик вышла в финал международного песенного конкурса «Евровидение-2017»

Певица Арцвик, представляющая Армению на международном песенном конкурсе «Евровидение-2017» в Киеве, выступит в финале шоу 13 мая под номером 5. Она исполнит песнюFly with me (Летай со мной).

В финале будут соревноваться 26 стран: Израиль, Польша, Белоруссия, Австрия, Армения, Нидерланды, Молдова, Венгрия, Италия, Дания, Португалия, Азербайджан, Хорватия, Австралия, Греция, Испания, Норвегия, Британия, Кипр, Румыния, Германия, Украина, Бельгия, Швеция, Болгария и Франция.

Ранее сообщалось, что международные букмекеры включили певицу Арцвик в число фаворитов конкурса.

Армения принимает участие в конкурсе «Евровидение» с 2006 года. Лучшие результаты – четвертое место, показали певица Сирушо в 2008 году и Арам MP3 (Арам Саркисян) в 2014 году.

Источник: http://ftimes.ru/trends/168562-arcvik-evrovidenie-2017-arcvik-iz-armenii-vystupit-5-j-v-finale-evrovideniya.html

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  • ?Personalized facts walkthrough Personalized facts Lengthen Facter by creating your private custom made facts to deliver answers to Puppet. Adding tailor made facts to Facter Often you would like to be able to put in writing conditional expressions influenced by site-specific info that just isn’t on hand by means of Facter, or perhaps you’d like to include it in a very template. Since you can’t include arbitrary Ruby code inside of your manifests, the leading answer is to include a new fact to Facter. These supplemental facts can then be distributed to Puppet clients and are readily available for use in manifests and templates, just like any other fact would be. Note: Facter 3.0 removed the Ruby implementations of some functions and replaced them accompanied by a custom made facts API. Any custom made fact that requires one particular within the Ruby documents previously stored in lib/facter/util will fail with the error. For way more facts, see the Facter 3.0 release notes . The concept It is easy to insert new facts by producing snippets of Ruby code for the Puppet master. Puppet then makes use of Plugins in Modules to distribute the facts to the client. Loading personalized facts Facter provides several methods of loading facts: $LOAD\_PATH. or the Ruby library load path The --custom-dir command line option. The environment variable ‘FACTERLIB’ You can still use these methods of loading facts to do things like take a look at documents locally before distributing them, otherwise you can arrange to have a specified list of facts attainable on certain machines. By means of the Ruby load path Facter searches all directories inside the Ruby $LOAD_PATH variable for subdirectories named ‘facter’, and loads all Ruby data files in those directories. For those who had some directory into your $LOAD_PATH like /lib/ruby. setup like this: Facter would try to load ‘facter/system_load.rb’, ‘facter/users.rb’, and ‘facter/rackspace.rb’. Applying the --custom-dir command line option Facter can take various --custom-dir selections over the command line that specifies an individual directory to search for customized facts. Facter attempts to load all Ruby documents inside the specified directories. This facilitates you to definitely do something like this: Utilising the FACTERLIB environment variable Facter also checks the environment variable FACTERLIB for a delimited (semicolon for Windows and colon for all other platforms) list of directories, and tries to load all Ruby documents in those directories. This enables you to definitely do something like this: Note: Changes in built-in pluginsync assistance in Facter 3 Facter two.four deprecated Facter’s guidance for loading facts through Puppet’s pluginsync (the -p option), and Facter 3.0.0 removed the -p option. However, we reversed this decision in Facter 3.0.two and re-enabled the -p option. For details about active and long run help for this option, see the Facter 3.0.two release notes . Two parts of every fact Setting aside external facts for now, most facts have at least two parts: A call to Facter.insert('fact_name'). which determines the name within the fact A setcode statement for quick resolutions, which is evaluated to determine the fact’s value. Facts can get a lot a lot more complicated than that, but those two together are the best typical implementation of the personalized fact. Executing shell commands in facts Puppet gets critical information about a solution from Facter, and therefore the most wide-spread way for Facter to get that guidance is by executing shell commands. You'll then parse and manipulate the output from those commands making use of standard Ruby code. The Facter API gives you a couple of ways to execute shell commands: If all you need to do is run the command and make use of the output, verbatim, as your fact’s value, you are able to pass the command into setcode directly. For example: setcode 'uname --hardware-platform' If your fact is considerably more complicated than that, you can still call Facter::Core::Execution.exec('uname --hardware-platform') from inside of the setcode do … stop block. As always, whatever the setcode statement returns is made use of given that the fact’s value. In any case, remember that your shell command is likewise a Ruby string, so you’ll absolutely need to escape special characters in case you would like to pass them through. It is important to note that not everything that performs around the terminal will deliver the results inside of a fact . You will make use of the pipe ( | ) and similar operators as you normally would, but Bash-specific syntax like if statements will not do the job. The preferred way to handle this limitation is to jot down your conditional logic in Ruby. Example Let’s say you should have to get the output of uname --hardware-platform to solitary out a special type of workstation. To do this, you would make a new personalized fact. Start off by giving the fact a name, within this case, hardware_platform. and establish your new fact inside of a file, hardware_platform.rb. in the Puppet master server: It is easy to then utilize the instructions within the Plugins in Modules web site to copy the new fact to the module and distribute it. During your next Puppet run, the value for the new fact will be readily available to make use of with your manifests and templates. Applying other facts You'll be able to craft a fact that employs other facts by accessing Facter.value(:somefact). If the fact fails to resolve or just isn't existing, Facter returns nil . Configuring facts Facts have just a few properties that you choose to can use to customize how facts are evaluated. Confining facts A single belonging to the way more commonly applied properties is the confine statement, which restricts the fact to only run on methods that matches another given fact. An example with the confine statement would be something like the following: This fact takes advantage of sysfs on linux to get a list with the power states that are in existence for the given application. Since this is only around on Linux programs, we make use of the confine statement to ensure that this fact isn’t needlessly run on devices that never assist this type of enumeration. Fact precedence One fact can have a number of resolutions . every single of which is usually a different way of ascertaining what the value of your fact should be. It is very typical to have different resolutions for different operating devices, for example. It is convenient to confuse facts and resolutions as they are superficially identical - to include a new resolution to some fact, you simply include the fact again, only having a different setcode statement. When a fact has a lot more than a single resolution, the very first resolution that returns a value other than nil will established the fact’s value. The way that Facter decides the issue of resolution precedence is the weight property. Once Facter rules out any resolutions that are excluded on the grounds that of confine statements, the resolution with the highest weight is evaluated to start with. If that resolution returns nil. Facter moves on to the next resolution (by descending weight) until it gets a value to the fact. By default, the weight of the fact is the amount of confines for that resolution, so that extra specified resolutions takes priority over less distinct resolutions. Execution timeouts Facter two.x supported a :timeout option to Facter#add. Facter no longer supports this option, and produces a warning if it is implemented. Although this version of Facter does not assistance overall timeouts on resolutions, you could potentially pass a timeout to Facter::Core::Execution#execute : Structured facts Although the norm is for a fact to return an individual string, Facter two.0 introduced structured facts . which take the type of either a hash or an array. All you may need to do to make a structured fact is return a hash or an array from the setcode statement. You are able to see some relevant examples inside the creating structured facts section from the Fact Overview . Aggregate resolutions If your fact brings together the output of several commands, it may make perception to implement aggregate resolutions . An aggregate resolution is split into “chunks”, every 1 responsible for resolving a particular piece of your fact. After all for the chunks have been resolved separately, they’re combined into just one flat or structured fact and returned. Aggregate resolutions have several key differences compared to painless resolutions, beginning with the fact declaration. To introduce an aggregate resolution, you’ll ought to increase the :type => :aggregate parameter: Just about every step within the resolution then gets its very own named chunk statement: Inside a very simple resolution, the code always involves a setcode statement that determines the fact’s value. Aggregate resolutions never have a setcode statement. Instead, they have an optional aggregate block that brings together the chunks. Whatever value the aggregate block returns will be the fact’s value. Here’s an example that just brings together the strings from the two chunks earlier mentioned: If the chunk blocks either all return arrays or all return hashes, you're able to omit the aggregate block. For those who do, Facter immediately merges all of your knowledge into a single array or hash and use that given that the fact’s value. For greater examples of aggregate resolutions, see the aggregate resolutions section in the Fact Overview website page. Viewing fact values If your Puppet master(s) are configured to work with PuppetDB. you are able to watch and search all in the facts for any node, such as personalized facts. See the PuppetDB docs for a whole lot more info. External facts What are external facts? External facts grant a way make use of arbitrary executables or scripts as facts, or established facts statically with structured info. If you’ve ever wanted to put in writing a customized fact in Perl, C, or a one-line textual content file, this is how. Fact locations The most advantageous way to distribute external facts is with pluginsync, which extra help for them in Puppet 3.four /Facter two.0.1. To include external facts to your Puppet modules, just area them in <MODULEPATH>/<MODULE>/facts.d/ . If you’re not by means of pluginsync, then external facts must go inside a standard directory. The location of this directory varies dependant upon your operating procedure, whether your deployment employs Puppet Organization or open source releases, and whether that you're functioning as root/Administrator. When calling facter from the command line, you may specify the external facts directory with the --external-dir option. Note: These directories never necessarily exist by default; you may will be needing to produce them. Once you establish the directory, make sure to restrict obtain so that only Administrators can create to the directory. Inside of a module (recommended): On Unix/Linux/OS X, there are three directories: On Windows 2003: When jogging as a non-root / non-Administrator consumer: Executable facts - Unix Executable facts on Unix give good results by dropping an executable file into the standard external fact path previously mentioned. A shebang is always required for executable facts on Unix. If the shebang is missing, the execution on the fact will fail. An example external fact written in Python: You must ensure that the script has its execute bit established: For Facter to parse the output, the script must return key/value pairs on STDOUT on the format: Working with this format, just one script can return several facts. Executable facts - Windows Executable facts on Windows deliver the results by dropping an executable file into the external fact path in your version of Windows. Unlike with Unix, the external facts interface expects Windows scripts to close having a known extension. Line endings are usually either LF or CRLF. With the moment the following extensions are supported: .com and .exe. binary executables .bat and .cmd. batch scripts .ps1. PowerShell scripts As with Unix facts, just about every script must return key/value pairs on STDOUT with the format: Utilising this format, only one script can return numerous facts in a single return. Batch scripts The file encoding for .bat/.cmd data files must be ANSI or UTF8 without BOM (Byte Order Mark), otherwise you may get strange output. Below serves as a sample batch script which outputs facts applying the required format: PowerShell scripts The encoding that should be utilised with .ps1 data files is pretty open. PowerShell determines the encoding on the file at run time. Below can be a sample PowerShell script which outputs facts making use of the required format: You should be able to save and execute this PowerShell script around the command line. Structured information facts Facter can parse structured info information stored inside external facts directory and established facts determined by their contents. Structured knowledge data files must use one particular with the supported info kinds and must have the correct file extension. In the moment, Facter supports the following extensions and details varieties: yaml. YAML knowledge, around the following format: json. JSON knowledge, while in the following format: txt. Key value pairs, inside the following format: As with executable facts, structured facts data files can established a number of facts at once. Structured facts facts on Windows All for the higher than varieties are supported on Windows with the following caveats: The line endings are often either LF or CRLF . The file encoding must be either ANSI or UTF8 without BOM (Byte Order Mark). Troubleshooting If your external fact is not really appearing in Facter’s output, functioning Facter in debug mode should give you a meaningful reason and tell you which file is causing the problem: Just one example of when this may well happen is in cases where a fact returns invalid characters. Let say you put to use a hyphen instead of an equals sign inside your script exam.sh : Working puppet facts --debug should yield a useful message: External facts and stdlib In case you find out that an external fact does not match what you have configured as part of your facts.d directory, make sure you haven't defined the same fact applying the external facts abilities found within the stdlib module. Negatives Whereas external facts furnish a mostly-equal way to build variables for Puppet, they have a couple of disadvantages: An external fact cannot internally reference another fact. However, due to parse order, you may reference an external fact from the Ruby fact. External executable facts are forked instead of executed in the same procedure. Distributing executable facts through pluginsync requires Puppet 3.four.0 or greater. Facter 3.four college essay writing service
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